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Get Your Silicon Valley Air Conditioner FixedHeating Ventilation and Air Conditioning, or HVAC for short, sometimes need repairs. It is part of a homeowner’s life, especially in Sunnyvale California. Being in Silicon Valley, you cannot go without alternating between heating and cooling indoors, filtrating the air, and circulating it throughout your home. 

At Sunnyvale Heating and Air Conditioning we perform repair work in all parts of an HVAC system. That can include work on a boiler, heat pump, AC splits, duct work, or the furnace.

One simple piece of regular maintenance  the homeowner can perform is replacing the filters. When they become too dirty or clogged, they can strain your HVAC system and cause poor performance and efficiency.

One common overlooked problem is the central thermostat. Before you call us, however, check if the batteries are still good. Check the settings as well and see if everything set properly. 

Other parts that can drastically lower the system’s performance are a leaky section of duct work or a closed internal vent. These are more complicated tasks, and should call one of our professional technicians to handle that repair. These problems will require the replacement of the bad parts of the duct work.

Other tasks that are more complex include replacing or repairing the boiler or the furnace. Older systems are prone to more issues. Call us and we will visit you to determine if a replacement part is all it takes, or if you might need to replace the entire unit.

At Sunnyvale Heating and Cooling, we are licensed HVAC professionals. We will keep you comfortable at home, so you can regulate air flow and temperature and control the indoor climate. We are licensed and insured and trusted by satisfied customers throughout Sunnyvale and Santa Clara County.

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