Residential Heating and
Air Conditioning Installations

Residential Air Conditioning Installations

Replace Your Inefficient Residential Cooling SystemSummertime should be all about relaxation and fun. But extreme humidity and heat can end the good times if your air conditioning isn’t functioning properly.

Is the only comfortable place in your home in front of the AC unit? Is your air conditioning system not turning on? Is it making weird noises?

If so, you should consider upgrading your home’s air conditioning system. Call us and our team will check your system. They can determine if the problem can be repaired or if a replacement will be necessary.

Inefficient AC systems also inflate your energy bills – both from its inefficiency and also from higher maintenance costs. Older air conditioning systems can fail suddenly, when you least expect it and when you need it most. The average air conditioner lasts between 12 and 15 years. By then, all sorts of problems start to appear. 

Also, if your home has an older R-22 refrigerant, this Freon is hazardous to the environment. Fortunately, it will no longer be manufactured after 2020. If your system leaks this gas, we must replace it, it is not repairable.

A new air conditioning system will cool your home faster, and keep it climate controlled without excessive strain to the system. As a result, you will need to call the HVAC company near you less often.

Make no mistake. We are not interested in selling you something you do not need. If your air conditioning can be fixed, we will be honest about it and fix it for you. But we also need to be realistic. Everything in life has a lifespan.

Our team of experts in Sunnyvale CA can find the best energy-efficient system for your home cooling needs. You will be able to choose from a central air conditioning, a split, or a ductless AC system.

Let our experience and technical knowledge in Santa Clara County ensure the best choice for you, as well as a flawless installation. We will help you minimize your budget and maximize your comfort.

At Sunnyvale Heating and Air Conditioning, our high level of service is our trademark. Our service technicians are licensed and trained to understand your needs and meet them to the best of their abilities.

In fact, we have served many satisfied customers in Sunnyvale, California. We provide affordable and complete air conditioning installations all around Santa Clara County.

Residential Heating Installations

Heating and Cooling installations in Sunnyvale CAEfficient and reliable home heating is essential for those cooler months of the year. Even in a warmer climate, keeping the interior warm and cozy when the thermometer dips outside makes a house a home!

Efficiency breakthroughs are common in the residential heating industry. Manufacturing technology continues to advance regularly. A unit built five years ago uses more energy than a brand new one.

A heating unit can maintain low maintenance costs and high efficiency for eight years or so. Then, gradually you will start noticing signs that your home’s unit performance dipping. Energy costs will increase. You might hear strange noises every now and then. You might need more extensive repairs with greater frequency.

Regular maintenance checks and minor repairs are normal. Cleaning, filter changes, upkeep. Perform this upkeep properly and your heating unit will enjoy a long use life.

Are major components requiring service and the unit still not performing as it should?  That means your heating system may be beyond repair – or beyond economical sense, at least.

We have replaced many heating systems in Sunnyvale California homes and businesses.

You can either keep your current fuel source, or take the opportunity and convert to an energy-efficient system.

Installing a new system might require some remodelling and construction. Solar panels or solar air heating are not as intrusive as radiant underfloor heating. The latter requires removing your flooring temporarily and making changes to the sub floor. Radiant can be electric or hydraulic, depending on your circumstances.

We are glad to share our years of experience with you and help you make a good choice. Some systems are more efficient than others. These differences will depend on your home’s circumstances and situation. It is part of our job to help you get the most bang for your buck. We are a trustworthy partner to help you make the right choice. We complete heating installs quickly and affordably.

We specialize in installing energy-efficient HVAC systems. This way your system remains optimal throughout the year. You can stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Call us today and our technicians will answer all your questions.

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